Why join VietFarm?

By applying and adhering the VietFarm standards, producers and other entities will receive a huge amount of benefits in comparison to commencing business by their self.
i) It will raise the value of agricultural products by using the Vietfarm branding.
ii) The producer, if accepted into Vietfarm standards, will become certified by National and International standards.
iii) The cost of certification is relatively low when compared to the potential profits to be made. This will also increase production capacity and new, updated and sustainable methods are introduced.
iv) Joining the Vietfarm standard will ensure a higher level of a voice in regards to decision making.
v) As a result of achieving fair trade prices, producers will receive better, more updated prices relative to the quality of produce they are exporting.


For those who are interested in Vietfarm, contact us: 

Vietfarm Secretariat at


Who can join VietFarm?

  • Producers:
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Small and individual production households
  • Cooperatives, cooperative groups, production groups, alliances, unions
    Small, medium and small businesses
  • Distribution entities
  • Small, individual distribution units
  • Cooperative agricultural products
  • Agents, traders
  • Enterprise

How to join VietFarm?

In order make the standard system accessible to Vietnamese producers while maintaining the strictly regulated evaluation and training, VietFarm application and certifying process contains 6 main basic steps.

Details of the procedure can be found here.

Contact us:

VietFarm Program Secretariat – Center for Development and Integration
Office address: 16th Floor, No. 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi
Tel: +84 2435380100| Fax: 84 24 35377479

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