VietFarm is an independent standards system recognized by international standards bodies and can be applied openly to companies, enterprises, cooperatives and farms in the agricultural sector. With the quality of international standard goods and the commitment of sustainability, small and medium agricultural producers in Vietnam will gain the trust of domestic and international customers and consumers. By developing and implementing standards, VietFarm standards will certify the product and become labelled on certified products.


VietFarm‘s goal is to assist Vietnam’s agricultural producers with integration of global value chain through increased quality of Vietnam agricultural

Encourage the sustainable agricultural practice and business with ethics and integrity along with the pillars of sustainable development and social responsibility
Ensure safe, quality agricultural products through Vietfarm standard


VietFarm‘s mission is to contribute to the promotion of agricultural products in Vietnam with a commitment to produce sustainable values that meet international standards and thereby create a fair and competitive market, which both producers and consumers can equally benefit from. In particular,

  • Promote and adopt Vietfarm standards in Vietnam but harmonize all other existing standards complicance system into voluntary and trust-based standards system, that suits for Vietnamese small producers with quality, sustainability, fairness and responsibility.
  • Support Vietnam agricultural small
    producers to attain the standards that meet the markets and consumers for their products into global and regional and Vietnam markets.
  • Improve value chain and use of labelling system on safe and fair agri goods from Vietnam in export  markets
  • Create cooperation between farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs and managers


VietFarm‘s vision is to be a prestigious standard system that aims towards sustainable and fair agricultural development where Vietnamese producers can produce and benefit from global markets through equitable and sustainable supply chain.

Vietfarm- Pride of Vietnam

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