Vietfarm is an agriculture standardising body adopted by Vietnamese producers aiming to gain high value and quality of ‘product of Vietnam’ guaranteeing socially and environmentally sustainability to entrust international and Vietnamese markets. VietFarm works in collaboration with small scale producers, enterprises, consumers and trade partners. 

CDI – Center for Development and Integration (CDI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization in Vietnam. CDI was established in August 2005, following the establishment of A-399 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Center aims to promote socio-economic development in which the poor, women, men, girls and boys are respected and treated fairly in the context of rapid economic integration of Vietnamese society within Asia.

Green Fair Trade (GFT) is market development partner with values of being social enterprise. GFT promote markets for VietFarm producers and linking with buyers and managing labelling system of VietFarm certified products.

Vectra International (VECTRA) is an independent organization operating through a network of independent experts in more than 20 countries, including independent experts working in the field of CSR that provide implementation activities. Vectra works to create social responsibility strategies for both the public and private sectors to gain a competitive edge.

Vietnam Quality Standards Institute (VSQI) is a public agency of science and technology  directly under the Directorate for Standards and Quality (STAMEQ). VSQI provides technical development of the VietFarm standard. 

Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s programme for overseas development. The programme is managed by the Development Co-operation Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Irish Aid support the establishment of VietFarm under CDI’s programme since 2012.

Vietfarm- Pride of Vietnam

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