The VietFarm standards now open for use. The full standards set is            launched in September 2018. 

VietFarm standards include 5 parts:

Part 1: VietFarm Principle Standards

Part 2: General requirements

Part 3: Requirements for Farming

Part 4: : Requirements for Processing

Part 5: Requirements for Labelling, Packaging, Preserving,                                        Transportation

Annex A: Safety requirements for quality of products

            Annex B:

B.1: List of prohibited substances

B.2: List of used and prohibited pesticides in Vietnam

B.3: Pesticide residues and maximum residue levels

Annex C: ( Use internally in the standard system)

1.    User manual for producer

·   Steps to join the standard

·  Plan of Action to apply the standard

·  Application form (recommended) 

·   Reporting template

2.    Guidelines for assessment activities (internally use for assessment bodies)

·  Method and procedure for implementing the standard assessment

·   Audit and assessment requirements

Read the full standards. VIETFARM STANDARDS


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