VietFarm supports producers with the following activities:

1. Adoption of VietFarm standards: we provide training on adopting and applying Vietnam standards that meet requirements for national and export market and harmonized with other international quality standards at a reasonable cost

2. Organisational development: Producers form in a  group or cooperative which have collective power in production and in  decision-making process

3. Access to market: Connect more directly with local and foreign buyers; market connection organized by VietFarm through marketing events and other B2B, B2C channels

4. Access to information: we provide market and price of commodities for producers to enhance capacity to negotation in the market and have fair price in trade

5. Technology transfer and know-how:  we provide trainings on production techniques through onsite and online school. Vietfarm Fund can also provide small grant on production facilities for selected groups to improve their production capacity

6. Product development and branding: we provide assistance in product development, production know-how and finished products through technology, branding, labelling and trade mark systems.

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