VietFarm standard is guaranteed by its own Operational Manual as the guide to govern the system.

The operational manual describes the VietFarm Standard certification system, its basic rules and principles in the certification process, the concept of certification compliance criteria and the reasons for sanctions if the certification is violated. In addition, the operating manual provides an overview of information on the inspection and certification process.

Scope of Appliance

The standard operating manual applies to all parties involved in the VietFarm Standard including VietFarm standard applicants, the VietFarm Secretariat, the VietFarm Council, and inspectors and customers of VietFarm.

Certification System

 What are the VietFarm Standards?

VietFarm is an independent standards system that adopts and is assessed by international standard bodies.  VietFarm Standards can be applied to enterprises, cooperatives and farms in the agricultural sector. With the quality of international standards and a commitment to sustainability, small and medium agricultural producers in Vietnam will gain the trust of domestic and international customers and consumers. VietFarm Standards will certify the products and apply labels on certified products.

Content and Methods of setting the Standards

The VietFarm Standards are designed according to the criteria of quality management systems, food hygiene and safety management systems, good agricultural practices and technical requirements of international and regional agricultural products in conjunction with national standards for agricultural products and current regulations on food safety in Vietnam.

Reference System

VietFarm Standards Operational Manual. VietFarm standard is governed by VietFarm Standard Operational Manual v.1 2018

Guide for Test of products for VietFarm Certified entity. The test and lab can be recommended by VietFarm certifying body based on the competence. See the test requirements here.

Auditor and Certifying Body is guided by Audit manual Here (Vietnamese verson)

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