Na San Plateau Sustainable Development Cooperative Group:


Established in November 2017, Na San Plateau Sustainable Development Cooperative Group includes 18 members. With the land, the temperate climate of the Northwest mountainous region at an altitude of 800m, Arabica coffee trees in Cao Nguyen Na San, Son La has typical and attractive flavours. Na San’s members wish to enrich their homeland, affirm the quality and characteristics of coffee trees. Therefore, Na San farmers always accumulate experience and apply sustainable coffee cultivation to ensure the best quality with the desire to make higher quality coffee beans. Doing so by following the requirements set out by VietFarms standards.


With the support of the Centre for Development and Integration with VietFarm Standards, the sponsorship of the Irish Aids in Vietnam, Na San Plateau Sustainable Development Cooperative Group has made quality, clean and delicious coffee products. In the process of wet processing and cold drying according to their experience, Na San coffee has ensured the quality of coffee, reaching international standards and building a high-quality coffee brand in the Na San region.

In addition, the Cooperative Group also has opportunities to participate in trade promotion fairs, visit effective agricultural models, gain more knowledge about managing cooperative groups, and help cooperative groups operate sustainably and increasing social responsibility. In order to create more jobs and increase income and strengthen livelihoods for young people, especially people of ethnic minorities in Son La province, the centre for training and technology transfer VietFarm (under Vietnam Brothers and Friends company and the Centre for Development and Integration organized vocational training programs for farmers. The programs aim to work with the entire community by offering a wide range of programs for cooking, mixing drinks as well as sustainable agricultural practices for young people in Son La province. This was all possible thanks to funding from IrishAid.

The lessons are thought by experts in organic agriculture and clean agricultural practices. Trainees are provided detailed instructions on how to apply VietFarm standards to meet domestic and foreign market demands. Ensuring for a more social and environmentally sustainable output for Na San Plateau Sustainable Development Cooperative Group. In addition, the cooperative learned about agricultural startup models, solutions to upgrade value added as well as diversifying into different markets such as tourism. the funding from IrishAid is important for the development and economic growth of the region. Providing training for rural communities allows them to build their capacity and expand their agricultural business through VietFarm standards to export their goods to higher valued markets thus improving their livelihoods. The lives of the members of the Cooperative Group has been improved by coffee. The cooperative group has many plans, to develop, increase product quality, economic efficiency and export orientation.


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