Why choose VietFarm?


Why Choose VietFarm?

VietFarm is a standardising body that promotes transparency, environmental and socially sustainable agricultural practices and throughout the supply chain. VietFarm strives to follow international regulations and standards to help increase low-scale farmers create higher value products by opening and allowing them to gain access to international and domestic markets. VietFarm has ten key principles that must be adhered to in order to receive VietFarm certification. The first is to strengthen the farmer’s production capacity and management skills. Empowering producers to produce the highest quality products through the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. VietFarm promotes economic opportunities and equality to market access, by providing critical market information to producers such as market prices and customer needs. VietFarm standards focus heavily on the social responsibilities for all members on the supply chain. These issues ensure child labour, forced labour and discrimination never occur throughout the supply chain. Child labour is a major concern and problem within Vietnam and the EU have stated that more must be done to tackle this severe social issue. VietFarm is tackling these major problems directly through their standards and requirements by prohibiting the employment of workers under the age of 16.

VietFarm standards require safe and clean working conditions, for example, the procedure for when people are spraying chemicals need to be instructed how to do so safely and must wear protective equipment such as gloves and a face mask. The preservation of biodiversity and the environment is a key concern. VietFarm raises awareness of environmental derogation throughout the supply chain. VietFarm clearly states and regulates the use of certain fertilizers and prohibits the use of banned harmful chemicals. This is to comply with environmental laws and international agriculture standards to enhance the export capacity of Vietnamese products. VietFarm aims to produce safe, healthy and natural products. It is mandatory to implement HACCP system to minimise health and safety hazards. Products manufactured under the VietFarm standards can be easily traced back to its original producer. This level of traceability is key for international exports and enables the VietFarm label to be associated with quality on a global scale, therefore, improving the reputation of Vietnamese products globally. VietFarm is dedicated to fair trade and responsible business practices. Products will be sold according to the real value of the product to ensure that not only the consumers receive quality products but also enable farmers to receive a fair and sustainable income to maintain sustainable production and decent working conditions.


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